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The Super Sonic Spark Plugs,
U.S. Patent No. 5,610,470 are a precision modification of brand name spark plugs as per manufacturers engine specifications.

Satisfied Customers Write Back

"Sir, this check is for the plugs and shipping for the 1970 351C. I am very happy with the plugs for my two '79 Ford Broncos. I am using a Jacobs system on my Broncos and I am getting (with the plugs you sent me) 25 MPG on the one with a 302 and 13-15 MPG with my 429. I am looking forward to see what they will do for my 351C. Thank you so much."

"...I was getting 23.2 miles per gallon in the Cadillac, after your plugs the mileage went up to 28.6 MPG" -- W.L.

"...I was amazed at the acceleration that I received... tank after tank of gas has shown me an increase of 5 to 6 miles to each gallon." -- M.G.

"...I put them in the car about two weeks ago, took a spin around the block and thought I had a new car! No more hesitation!" -- R.J.

"...The increase in power has been at least 20%. The increase in miles per gallon is already about 20%. This is the best thing I have done for my car, and I recommend it highly." -- M.S.

"...My Jeep had a transmission problem, or so I thought. After installing the plugs that I bought from you the problem went away. The real problem was lack of power. I find that my Jeep starts better and has more power on the road as well. Just one question. Why didn't you come up with this idea earlier?" --K.W.

"...To say it runs much better would be a vast understatement. Can't say what it's done for gas mileage -- IT IS BETTER -- But the performance -- WOW!!!" --J.W.

"...I did take out the Split Fire Plugs, and put yours in. I could definitely feel that my motor had more response." --P.G.

"...We all greatly appreciate them out here. Most importantly, I thank you for being an honorable business selling a superior product." --C.C.

"...Our motor home runs 100% better just after installing the new Sonic Spark Plugs." --W.D.R.

"Just installed a set of your Sonic Spark Plugs in my '78 Cadillac. When I add on a device or system I like to be able to feel it in the seat of my pants or in the steering wheel! ...It does both." --J.M.

"...My old car was a 1984 Pontiac Parisienne Wagon with a 5.0 liter. The Sonic Plugs really woke that engine up. I did get as high as 27 MPG on a 200 mile trip. Not bad for a big wagon! --B.P.

"...'92 Ford Ranger 4 Cylinder Pick Up driving up Vail Pass Colorado with a big Elk in the back, I never dropped below 45 MPH and passed every one going up the mountain, over 10,000 ft. Sonic Spark Plugs really got climbing power, and gas mileage."


"A couple lines to let you know how your Sonic Spark is doing. I installed your Autolite 4263, Wofseyized Plugs in my 1986 FXRD on 1-28-97. I now have 10,000 Nard Miles on them -- they are still working PERFECT. Each time, every time. Even in extremely cold (10°) weather and in our hot Texas weather.

Upon installation I had to richen my carb-a 42mm Mikvu: one notch (clip) to put her in time -- after that it has been dead on. Even using that pitiful [sic] Southern California mud laughingly called fuel.

Mr. Dave keep up your "most advanced spark plug technology" it works today -- it'll work tomorrow. "

--Nicholas Motorcycle Product Evaluation, Arlington, TX 76017

"...Since just installing them in my H.D. FXR I have enjoyed a consistent 55+ MPG. Having a fair amount of upgrade components in my engine, I probably do not realize the H.P. increase. Never the less [sic], I did notice a performance improvement. I am buying this set as a back up, or to assist an unfortunate rider not using Sonic Spark Plugs." --J.D.

"...GS850G Suzuki -- I detected that my old bike (owned for 16 years) no longer wanted extra choking. While riding to Denver, a reduction of more than 600 RPM was noticed immediately at the same highway speeds, and better engine smoothness... I rode more than 1,200 miles during the Ignacio rally, long mountain rides to Silverton, Colo. (11,000 feet) over Wolf Creek Pass, to day-long desert canyon rides down to Farmington, NM and around Navajo Lake.... To critique these Sonic Plugs using three simple words, 'I'm very impressed.'" -- R.G.D.

"...'73 Honda CB 500... I would sometime spend up to twenty minutes trying to kick start. After ten years in storage my two teenage boys wanted to ride it. With your plugs it starts on the first kick, and it runs very well at the upper end. You have a good product and I hope word gets out." --D.W. Vonz.

RV Generators

"...My Onan 4 KW Generator runs smoother with no sputter or miss with the Sonic Spark Plugs. When I switch on the electric heater, the air conditioner, the microwave or the TV there is no hesitation." -- T.S.

"...My 6.5 KW Onan Generator is leased at shows and fairs. With the Sonic Spark Plugs installed, I have a quick start, and the plugs don't foul to cause a power shut down. The generators never miss a beat when switching heavy loads." --B.H.